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kickandslide's Journal

14 August 1981
"Every time I try to make something fun and exciting you make it not that way. I hate so much about the things that you choose to be." ~ Michael Scott
4 over 4, adobe creative suite, art, asparagus, avocados, baby gap, bali, being a cock tease, being clever, being married, being superior, being uppity, bif naked, black eyeliner, boobies, breastfeeding, britney spears, buying locally, canada, canadian music, cats, ceasers, celeb gossip, charlotte, coding, coffee, cooking, crafting, cranberry juice, debates i can win, dexter, domestic bliss, douglas coupland, driving too fast, eating healthy, espe wallets, ethnic food, eyeshadow, felt, flip flops, gardening, gay boys, geeks, gilmore girls, goat cheese, going with the flow, googling competitions, grande vanilla latte, graphic design, great after sex hair, green, guerilla design, hair dye, harry potter, hong kong, house of leaves, ikea, intelligence, intelligent advertising, james bond, japan, keens, large cities, lip gloss, lost, mahnamahna, makeup, making money, malibu, martha stewart, mascara, mexican food, mocking everyone, muppets, my hubby, nanalan, new shoes, nip tuck, painting, paralyzers, pete, pink, pizza, plants, poe, post its, printing, pro-choice, procrastination, quilting, redecorating, remake, robeez, rock, romantic comedies, ron mueck, sales, sarcasm, sci fi, sewing, sex and the city, sharpie pens, shiny objects, slurpees, snooping, spicy food, spinach, star trek, starbucks, steak, stupid people, swaps, swearing, tequila, the perfect purse, tomatoes off the vine, toymaking, trading, travelling, troubleshooting, unique accessories, vector graphics, vegetarian food, vintage fabric, web design, weeds, weird movies, yuppies, zines